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1.        Sit down with your husband to discuss a list of house rules and consequences. Make sure you agree that the rules will apply to all children involved, whether they’re biological or step children.

2.        Sit down with the children to make sure they understand these rules as well as the consequences.

3.        Don’t try to get the ex-wife to agree with you. She should not be involved in determining the rules of your household.

4.        Make sure you let your husband know how important it is that you have his support. If you agree on a set of house rules and consequences you BOTH need to present a unified front and follow through. If not, you are going to continually look like the bad guy.

5.        Don’t take a backseat and allow your stepchildren to run your household by referring all matters to your husband. You are an adult and shouldn’t have to wait until your husband gets home to enforce consequences.

6.        Realize that you cannot please everyone in the family so don’t ever try to take on that responsibility!


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