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About BFSO

Blended Family Soap Opera was created in hopes of helping other blended families adjust to this new, but very common type of family. We firmly believe that dialogue, both positive and negative, promotes change. And, it is our sincere desire that this blog prompts other blended families to begin discussing their issues in order to work towards resolution.

Although none of the issues presented in this blog are sugar-coated in any way,  we are not bashing ex-wives or deadbeat dads! We understand that certain blended family issues are never black and white, and hope that you understand that our posts will often be a reflection of our own experiences.

And so, we hope you will enjoy our articles, posts and personal experiences. We will also be offering general advice from attorneys, mediators, counselors and other blended family members with years of experience.

BFSO Belief

We believe that all children DESERVE BOTH parents, and an environment where children are encouraged to love and be loved by ALL parents!


About Kela Price

I have been an ex and a current wife (for almost 8 years) who has attended law school and experienced my own blended family issues. I love my husband, but being a second wife and a step-mom is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  We started out on shaky ground, but now we’ve formed a union that cannot be broken by ex-wives and ex-lives.

My experience, research and thousands of conversations with other blended family members totally challenges the traditional advice that you may have heard regarding the blended family. My advice is based on real life experience and has helped many families begin to sort through, figure out and eventually achieve peace within their own blended family units. I firmly believe that dialogue promotes change, so let’s talk about it.

About Julie Rutland

I am also an ex wife and a current wife along with being a mother to three beautiful girls!  I was married at 21 and divorced by 22, with my first marriage.  After that, I was a single mother for about 7 years, but met my current (and final!) husband when my oldest daughter was 18 months old.  I have been where most women these days have been.


My best friend is my daughter’s step-mother and, yes, that means my ex-husband’s wife. We raise our kids to know that just because parents get divorced doesn’t mean we all can’t be involved and do what is best for them.  What could be better than four parents?    I hope to be a “bright spot” for the new blended family.  I don’t pretend to have all of the answers because I learn something new about myself, my girls, my husband, and my family each day.  Believe me, there is never a dull moment with all of us!

About Diane Greene

I am a mother of 3 boys, a wife and a step-mother who shares more than a friendship, but a sisterhood relationship with my husband’s ex-wife.  I have been a legal secretary for 16 years and am a soccer mom who is always on the go!  My goal on this blog is to help as many women and families as I can to obtain the kind of rewarding relationship I share with my husband’s ex wife.  Through our experience, I believe we can get all of you readers who have open hearts and open minds to cut out all of the unnecessary drama and stress out of your lives.  Be blessed!